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General Software FAQs
General Software FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
How do I learn Forth?
The following links should help the process of learning Forth:
How do I register JDForth?
JDForth is registered using the following procedure:

  1. Select the registration dialog from the menu:

  2. Click on the link to send an email to sales@JacobsDesign.com.au:

  3. When you receive the unlock code: Copy it into the space procided. Press Done to register the software. Press Done a second time to close the dialog bos.

  • The customer code is a random number which is unique to each computer on which JDForth is installed.
  • The customer code does not contain any personal or computer related information.
  • If you regularly work with multiple computers (eg. Work Desktop, Home Desktop, Laptop), then you may request multiple unlock codes.